MCSI The Embedded PC Specialists

MCSI , Micro Computer Specialists Inc, has been a world leader in the design & development of Embedded PC's since 1981. Responsible for introducing one of the first IBM PC compatible Single Board Computers, MCSI struck gold with the introduction of the PROMDISK Solid State Disk Emulator. PROMDISK and the proprietary PROMDISK Utility Software, allows any system to operate DISKLESS, emulating a fixed disk drive. With this breakthrough, MCSI began to design and manufacture Single Board Computers with the PROMDISK technology on-board.

In the late '90s MCSI took a bold step and embraced the opportunity to partner with an offshore manufacturer. This resulted in MCSI solidifying its position in the industry as an innovative company with staying power during a time in which many US companies were finding the influx of Taiwanese manufacturers extremely detrimental to their business. Approached by its offshore vendor to distribute their products in the US, ICP America was born, with MCSI remaining as the Embedded Systems Division.

Today MCSI continues to introduce new PROMDISK products which have found their niche in such vertical markets as Gaming and Process/Robotic Controls. To compliment the new PROMDISK products, MCSI has decided to return to its roots and introduce a whole line of MCSI Private Label SBC's, Chassis', and LCD Products. By focusing our products towards the Industrial Process Control, Automation/Robotic, Military, and now the Gaming Industries.

MCSI is able to provide customers an extremely focused solution. From the design stage to final production and beyond, MCSI's project team is able to provide our customers the kind of one-on-one support that is often missing from many of today's suppliers. Experience for yourself what over 30 years of "Industry Know How" can do for your project. MCSI is and continues to be "The Embedded PC Specialists".

 2013 Micro Computer Specialists, Inc.