Single Board Computers

SBE-3601 sbe-3601 The SBE-3601 is a 3.5 inches embedded SBC with onboard AMDR T40N GPU, VGA, audio, dual Gigabit LAN, USB, LVDS, HDMI, Mini PCI, Express Card, GPIO.
SBE-5231 is-1600 The SBE-5231 is an Intel Atom 5.25" SBC with VGA, HDTV, LAN, SATA, USB, Audio, (6) COM, Mini-PCI, PCI, CF, 18-bit LVDS.
MBC-6508 is-1620 The MBC-6508 is an LGA1155 socket Mini ITX SBC with Intel® Core™ i7/ i5/ i3/ Celeron®, HDMI/DVI-I/LVDS, (2) Gigabit Ethernet and USB 3.0.
MBC-6603 is-1650 The MBC-6603 is a Micro-ATX Motherboard with LGA 1155 for Intel Core i CPU, Q67 chipset, dual gigabit LAN, six SATA with RAID.
MBC-6507 mbc-6507 The MBC-6507 is an LGA1155 socket ATX industrial M/B with (2) display port & (1) DVI-I, (2) Gbit LAN, audio, iAMT, iTPM and SATA RA.
IND-486H IND-486H The MCSI IND-486H is a half size All-In-One Single Board Computer (SBC) with a 2M-byte PROMDISK® disk emulator, a PCI EIDE hard disk port, a high performance PCI VGA controller, and a WatchDog timer.

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