Technical Support/Customer Service

In order to better service our customer's needs, Technical Support/Customer Service Representatives are available Monday - Friday, 7am to 4:30pm PST.

To contact a support representative, please call 1-800-347-6274 x101 or e-mail: support@mcsi1.com during or after our regular business hours. Alternately, a support form is available.

The chart below includes all available support documentation for our products, in Adobe Acrobat format.

To download Adobe Acrobat, click here.

Single Board Computers Data Sheets Manuals Software Application Notes
    IHV-745E ihv745ed.pdf ihv745em.pdf    
    IRV-3702 irv3702.pdf irv3702m.pdf    
    IRV-686 irv686d.pdf irv686m.pdf irv686.exe  
    IRV-686E irv686ed.pdf irv686em.pdf    
    IRV-686H irv686hd.pdf irv686hm.pdf irv686h.exe  
    PHV-158 phv158d.pdf phv158m.pdf    
    PHV-740E phv740ed.pdf phv740em.pdf    
    IHV-486 5x86 ihv486d.pdf ihv486m.pdf ihv5x86.exe ap88001.pdf
    IND-486H ind-486h.pdf ind486hm.pdf    
    INX-486 MCSI INX-486DX4-100.pdf inx486m.pdf    
    ILH-386SX ilh386d.pdf ilh386m.pdf   ap88001.pdf
    ILH-386V ilh386vd.pdf ilh386vm.pdf ilh386v.exe  
    INX-386SX MCSI INX-386SX.pdf inx386m.pdf    

Backplanes, Chassis,
and Systems
Data Sheets Manuals Software Application Notes
    Model 9015/9057 9015d.pdf      
    Model 9040 9040d.pdf      
    Model 9050 9050d.pdf     ap90501.pdf
    Model 9060 MCSI 9060Chassis.pdf      
    Model 9090 9090d.pdf      
    Model 9100 MCSI 9100Chassis.pdf      

Disk Emulators Data Sheets Manuals Software Application Notes
    PROMDISK-Chip MCSI PromdiskChip.pdf pdchipm.pdf promdisk.exe
    PROMDISK IV MCSI PromdiskIV.pdf pdisk4m.pdf pdisk4.exe  
    PROMDISK V MCSI PromdiskV104.pdf pdisk5m.pdf    
    PROMDISK VI MCSI PromdiskVI.pdf pdisk6m.pdf   ap90501.pdf
    Eprom/SRAM Board eprom-sram.pdf eprmramm.pdf    

Accessories Data Sheets Manuals Software Application Notes
    ROM-DOS   rdosman62.pdf  
    FlexScan/RS     flexscan.exe  

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